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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All things RED...

Red has never been a favorite color of mine...I tend to lean towards blues and purples. This month and especially today I am celebrating all things RED.

Today is my beautiful mom's birthday! She loves her red/auburn hair and I must say she wears it well :-) I am wishing her a wonderful new year and much happiness. She is not only beautiful on the outside...her beauty radiates from the inside out and she deserves nothing but the very best!

Getting ready for my engagement party!

My brothers, me and mom at my wedding rehearsal!
April 2010

One of my dearest friends, Kelly will be turning 30 in a few days and she is a beautiful red head as well! Looking forward to celebrating with her soon :-)

Our annual Carlyle Grand brunch

Check back soon for "All things RED" part 2 home edition...

Who are some of your favorite RED heads??

xo Crystal

1 comment:

  1. That's me! :) Can't wait for your trip up!

    I'm not much of a red wearer or buyer either so looking forward to your next post!