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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love my Surroundings...

I definitely relaxed and enjoyed every moment of this past weekend. I finally took time for enjoy the beautiful weather and loves of my surroundings. I am sure my hubby was happy that I didn't drag him into any stores...not even 1 Macy's, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Home Goods, or Crate & Barrel...just to name a few!

Instead my boys visited with family while I cleaned up from breakfast and got ready for our spa time at our favorite...Canyon Ranch .

My Boys

Saturday night after a great workout, sun time, spa rejuvenation, and a friends BBQ...we arrived home to a gorgeous delivery that even my hubby was happy to open!

Asian inspired stool...aka "drum" says hubby!
I enjoy browsing One Kings Lane everyday! All of their items are wonderful but, this is my first (of many future) purchases.

These 2 pictures show you the "drum's" new home...our TV room! We love our new addition!

Had to share one last pic of how my boys relax in their surroundings...I think Palmer is spoiled rotten!! I just spoke with fellow blogger and friend Erin about how her sweet pup Rica is trained to only put her paws on furniture if there is a blanket you think it's too late to train our 19 month old!!??


  1. I say you can always teach and old dog new tricks! :) Its always harder on mommy than on puppy! LOL. Love the drum, just make sure luvs knows its not a toy!

  2. You are absolutely correct!! 2nd night of Palmer sleeping in his own room...everyone seems to be sleeping better...who would have ever thought!? hehe

  3. Now I'm dreaming of being at Canyon Ranch! xo

  4. loving your choices of stores..., hate to say..., may be just a tad late to train the 19 month old!

    (just maybe!)

    best of luck

  5. I am SOO jealous!! Your weekend sounds like it was incredible. I am also in LOVE with Palmer. I have wanted a french bulldog since I was 3. I will have one someday.. for now it's just me and Bailey. Hope you have another wonderful weekend!

    [ keep calm & blog on ]

  6. Me time is the best time! Looks and sounds perfect!

  7. Beaufort used to not go near the couch until I couldn't resist inviting him up:) Now he thinks it's fair game.. what do you do? :)